Oscar was born in Granada in 1977. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting from UGR Fine Arts Faculty. He began his professional career as a comic artist and cover artist. Later he became part of Kandor Graphics, an animation studio located in Granada, working as the Art Director and Character Designer in animation projects such as ‘The Missing Lynx’, winner of a Goya award, ‘The Lady & The Reaper’, winner of the Goya in his category and nominated for Oscars® or ‘Justin and the Knights of Valour’ nominated for the Goya awards.

Currently Oscar is still living in Granada and works as a freelance artist collaborating with different clients such as Netflix, King, Barajoun Entertainment, Able & Baker, The Thinklab, Animschool or Lactalis International.

(+34) 649 069 906 osokaro@gmail.com